Damned Gift Giving
To buy a gift is one of my best hobbies. Rarely I knit for gift. This was an outstanding case, which did required a very special attitude. 
Pics and details will be posted later on, just to keep the surprise feeling in place.

Goth Like Booties
A new pair of booties which are completely inspired by http://www.babygothknits.com/

Yoga Socks
 These socks were knitted under the inspiration by this hat:


DK weight merino wool 2 balls of 50 g each.
Set of US#2.5 (3mm) double pointed needles.


For the 1st sock CO 60 sts, divide onto 4 stocking needles (set of dpns) as 15 sts on each needle. Work in the round.
Work 2x2 rib for 6 rows.

Purl 1 row.

Then work the Chart 1 for 16 rows.

Purl 1 row.

Work the Chart 2 for 16 rows.

Purl 1 row.

Work the Chart 1 for 16 rows. 

Work the 2x2 ribbing for 6 rows, and bind off 30 sts, continue ribbing on rem 30 sts.
Next row cast on 30 sts and continue ribbing on the whole round for 6 rows more.

Purl 1 row.

Work the Chart 2 for 16 rows.

Purl 1 row. 

Work the Chart 1 for 16 rows.

Purl 1 row.

Work the Chart 2 for 16 rows.

Purl 1 row.

Work the Chart 1 for 16 rows.

Purl 1 row.

Work 2x2 ribbing for 6 rows and bind off loosely, or using surprisingly stretchy bind off by Jenny.

The second sock can be worked out the same way or mirrored. 


ELMO knitted toy

He is one of two best friends of my little girl, who accompany her everywhere.
A nice guy, who is always smiling.

Knitted bottom up almost seamless, only the arms, and eyes, and the nose were sewed on. I liked knitting legs, and the body, and the eyes most of all. The eyes start with white, then after one decreasing row finished with one row with black yarn, and then the live stitches were threaded onto the yarn tail and fastened from the inside.
The red yarn is really nice buckle, and named with the wonderful name Valeri, which is actually my baby's first name :)))))  

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Crown Headband
Any sort of sport weight metallic/cotton/synthetic yarn of yellow(ish) color - 1 ball of 50 g
Set of double pointed needles (dpns) of appropriate size (see your yarn label), mine were US#2.5 (3mm)
Stitch marker (optional)
Tapestry needle for grafting

Cast on 28 stitches using magic cast on or any other provisional cast on method, and prepare to knit in the round on two dpns. (If you'r not a big fan of grafting, cast on and bind off just as you wish and sew a back seam afterwards :))

Knit 2 rounds, mark the beginning with a removable stitch marker. This is to indicate the straight (or bottom) side of the crown. 
Next row begin increasing as given below:
*(1): K13, M1, K1, turn to another side, K1, M1, K13 to the end of row (30 sts)
(2): K14, M1, K1, turn, K1, M1, K14 (32 sts)
Continue increasing like this every row until you have 48 sts (or 24 sts on each of your working needles)

Knit 1 row without increasing. Next row begin decreasing:
(1): K21, SSK, K1, turn, K1, K2tog, K21 to the end of row (46 sts)
(2): K20, SSK, K1, turn, K1, K2tog, K20 (44 sts)
Continue decreasing like this until you have 28 sts (equals to 14 sts on each of the two needles)

Knit 6 rounds without decreasing and start increasing from the symbol *.

When you get enough zig-zags (my number was 11, and the length of the finished object was 23,5 inches), knit a couple of rounds on 28 stitches and then graft the live stitches with the kitchener stitch to the cast on edge, using a tapestry needle. Be sure not to twist the headband when you start grafting.

If you omitted the the grafting step, bind off using 3-needle BO or Russian grafting technique, or whatever you like, and then sew the back seam of your headband.

As an option you can leave it opened, and add button or velcro closure (the loop for button can be made as a crochet chain). My yarn contains nylon fibers and it is stretchy enough, and I just sewed the headband. I can wear it over the hair and even over a hat :))) 

SSK = Slip 2 stitches, one by one, knitwise, put them back on the left needle and K2tog tbl
M1 = Pick up the bridge of yarn between two stitches in the previous row with your right needle from the back. Put the tip of your left needle into the space, and with the same movement K1 tbl


Spring Time Knit Coat

Inspired by the knit coat seen on Kelly Rutherford’s Helena. Pictures source here

I just adore how classy gray shadows are. And it will be gorgeous in baby garments too, even if somebody doesn’t like this idea. I do believe kids like bright colors much more than pale or light thing, but just couldn’t stand. Hope she can forgive me and she will wear this coat in spring. I decided to omit the coat lining, but I’m going to brighten the side pockets with a beautiful quilting cotton. And I promise not to dress her head to toe in gray, which would be ridiculous.

The yarn became softer after wash, which is really good in my case. I’m a tight knitter, and even when I make myself to knit in more loose way, it happens that I take smaller needles. This yarn calls for 4,5-5mm (#7 or #8) needles, mine are 3,5mm (US#4).

Fits perfect and it is ready exactly to her 2nd Birthday!

I spent 7 balls of yarn, which were all used up for knitting and sewing up the seams, just a scrap of 8 inches left! 5 buttons used instead of 6 as on original garment. I always knit with a quite fine yarn, 4plyes and DKs are my favorites, and with this worsted weight wool I have got a really fast progress. But I guess the yarn used for the coat that inspired me was bulky just because I needed to lengthen the body and the sleeves in pattern, as well as I had to add 2 stitches of reverse stockinette in between the cables. On the body part I used 5 and a half of diamond cable pattern in height instead of 4 and a half, and on the sleeves I made 3 and a half of those rhombuses instead of 2 and a half, just due to the yarn weight. 
I also omitted the shoulder seams, doing just a simplest decorative cable and common grafting. 
The pockets now are full of strawberries, the fabric was my girl’s choice.

My First (Ugly) Quilt
When the baby was about 3 months I made her a small baby quilt. I was new to quilting and I used wrong fabrics and a thick batting material. And I didn't know at all how to make the binding, so I just folded the baking fabric to the quilt top and hand-stitched the edge to form a border. The hexies were machine quilted. It turned out a bit too heavy and thick, but so warm and colorful! Now that she is 24 months she likes it very much for the color and the honeycomb pattern.
The pattern is called "Fast Hexagons", and the quilt is made of 323 small half-hex (and quarter-hex) parts.
Finished size of the quilt is 114 x 70 cms (45 x 27.5 inches).

The whole idea and the colorway were inspired by the header picture of the PurlBee website.


Here is an embroidery close up.

A Sad Bee
I didn't knit for myself for a very long time actually. So, this is my recent project for my own.
Original design by Kim Hargreaves (see BRIAR).

Getting more sunshine in winter twilight

Last winter or spring I've made a small but nice fair isle seamless baby pullover with 100% cotton in yellowish and white, and I called it Sunshine on Ravelry. It took much time and my girl has been growing faster than I knitted, so even the photo shoot wasn't accomplished to post the pattern. It's easy to loose interest, when you are not able to get the feedback from the person you were going to knit for, or even an assessment from your Mom, living miles away, and when you have no time to bother with a huge pile of other unfinished objects.
But I feel pleased with a conclusion that I really like knitting with yellow shades in cold times of the year. These colors are warm, and joyful, and very promising. Now I can prepare for the next FW season in advance.

So, in the Autumn I started another yellow pullover, toddler size this time. The stitch pattern is based on the sweater  by   H e r m e s  FW 2011-12 Men. The chart is so simple and good that I had a very fast progress with it. Back and front parts were ready in 2 days. But I ran out of yarn for the sleeves! During the Fall and before Christmas I lived in another city for several months and had no access to my stash. When we moved back home, I finished it at last and so gladly. The chains make the pullover really stretchy. As a result, it is a bit short for 2yo girl, good length with snow pants though, the sleeves are of a perfect length. Finally I am so pleased with a new bright yellow garment. So she is!
I am going to share the chart here, hope it's not against the law  :)))))))
The picots on the cuffs and body parts are seamless, for these purposes all parts had to be started with provisional cast on. The sleeves were knitted in the round, then flat when shaping the armholes. Two shoulder seams therefore and the seams on each side are sewed up. Neckband finished with the 6 rows in garter stitch.


Coral Pullover

I finally completed my next knockoff. This is a small replica of the TEXTILE Elizabeth and James Boxy V-neck Pullover, sized for a toddler. Less of eyelets. Dropped stitches were replaced with the textured border for the cable. Both mods were for kid.
And it's absolutely seamless:
-in the round bottom up to the armholes;
-grafted at shoulders;
-then (3+1) stitches picked up at armhole selvages for the sleeves in the round
-and applied I-cord binding off is used for neckband.
I am happy with how it turned out. The yarn used is a very nice and soft cotton-arylic blend.

Toddler Sized Isadora
After this fast and easy knit I can say that I love Kim's patterns, as the most people do after they try.
The pattern is very good thought out, it was easily modifyed to kid's size.

Beautiful pattern and wonderful book!


  • To fit my toddler girl, who is rather tall, most numbers are 30%
    decreased from XS considering that I used DK yarn. However, the majority
    of visible details in design are kept as per pattern, such as the hems
    on sleeves, rib width, and pocket borders.
  • Beg rib pattern is simplified to 3x3 rib for 16 rows
  • Sleeves CO 34, increased 7 times at each 8th row, then 2 times at each 10th row (52 sts)
  • Seamless yoke (yarn is too bulky for the seams)
  • The pocket back side CO: sts picked up between the front side stitches, therefore no sewing is needed.


Baby Mittens

Bold Banded Mittens by Zoë Mellor

Fast and fun knit.

In use:


Toddler Hat

Sweet Leaf Toddler Hat  by Gina House

The hat has nice earflaps and fits toddler head very good.

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Girly Baktus

Beautiful easy pattern, and for free! Wonderful Baktus scarf!
Thousands of knitters favorited and tested this already, it's my turn now.
Nice soft Alpina Klement yarn (80% Alpaca, 20% Merino wool) in dusty pink and light gray should be a great combo.

Love this yarn since I've made a beautiful shawl for Mom's birthday this year, using it.

Girly Baktus is going to be my girl's winter scarf for the upcoming season. Small size, soft, extremely warm, and so fun to make!

The color "dusty pink" looks in pattern much like purple, I guess.

Alternating colors each4 rows, I made 20 purple stripes already, it's equal to 160 rows. Incredibly fast knit.   :-)

I made 85 purple stripes which equals to 684 rows in total!

Hearts of Love

I have joined two groups on Ravelry which make knitwear for charity. It's my first attempt to take part in such projects. Both that I chosen have their deadlines in Oct 2011.

Being encouraged with the idea, I finished new design for a kid's hat

The hat is funny and easy to make. Should be very good in bright or just solid-color yarn.
Just few rather simple stitch patterns are used:
  • 1x1 rib
  • stockinette stitch
  • almost diamond brocade
  • almost garter stitch
The bobbles and the knitted pom pom are design elements. Knitted pom pom not only looks unusual but also saves yarn.

I plan to test the pattern on my charity knits and then add it to my designs officially.
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