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My First (Ugly) Quilt
When the baby was about 3 months I made her a small baby quilt. I was new to quilting and I used wrong fabrics and a thick batting material. And I didn't know at all how to make the binding, so I just folded the baking fabric to the quilt top and hand-stitched the edge to form a border. The hexies were machine quilted. It turned out a bit too heavy and thick, but so warm and colorful! Now that she is 24 months she likes it very much for the color and the honeycomb pattern.
The pattern is called "Fast Hexagons", and the quilt is made of 323 small half-hex (and quarter-hex) parts.
Finished size of the quilt is 114 x 70 cms (45 x 27.5 inches).

The whole idea and the colorway were inspired by the header picture of the PurlBee website.


Here is an embroidery close up.


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