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Spring Time Knit Coat

Inspired by the knit coat seen on Kelly Rutherford’s Helena. Pictures source here

I just adore how classy gray shadows are. And it will be gorgeous in baby garments too, even if somebody doesn’t like this idea. I do believe kids like bright colors much more than pale or light thing, but just couldn’t stand. Hope she can forgive me and she will wear this coat in spring. I decided to omit the coat lining, but I’m going to brighten the side pockets with a beautiful quilting cotton. And I promise not to dress her head to toe in gray, which would be ridiculous.

The yarn became softer after wash, which is really good in my case. I’m a tight knitter, and even when I make myself to knit in more loose way, it happens that I take smaller needles. This yarn calls for 4,5-5mm (#7 or #8) needles, mine are 3,5mm (US#4).

Fits perfect and it is ready exactly to her 2nd Birthday!

I spent 7 balls of yarn, which were all used up for knitting and sewing up the seams, just a scrap of 8 inches left! 5 buttons used instead of 6 as on original garment. I always knit with a quite fine yarn, 4plyes and DKs are my favorites, and with this worsted weight wool I have got a really fast progress. But I guess the yarn used for the coat that inspired me was bulky just because I needed to lengthen the body and the sleeves in pattern, as well as I had to add 2 stitches of reverse stockinette in between the cables. On the body part I used 5 and a half of diamond cable pattern in height instead of 4 and a half, and on the sleeves I made 3 and a half of those rhombuses instead of 2 and a half, just due to the yarn weight. 
I also omitted the shoulder seams, doing just a simplest decorative cable and common grafting. 
The pockets now are full of strawberries, the fabric was my girl’s choice.


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