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Girly Baktus

Beautiful easy pattern, and for free! Wonderful Baktus scarf!
Thousands of knitters favorited and tested this already, it's my turn now.
Nice soft Alpina Klement yarn (80% Alpaca, 20% Merino wool) in dusty pink and light gray should be a great combo.

Love this yarn since I've made a beautiful shawl for Mom's birthday this year, using it.

Girly Baktus is going to be my girl's winter scarf for the upcoming season. Small size, soft, extremely warm, and so fun to make!

The color "dusty pink" looks in pattern much like purple, I guess.

Alternating colors each4 rows, I made 20 purple stripes already, it's equal to 160 rows. Incredibly fast knit.   :-)

I made 85 purple stripes which equals to 684 rows in total!


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