Knitted Pom Poms

On July 25th I accidentally found a picture of this scarf, and thought that it looks like my pink scarf’s twin brother. But unfortunately I could not get the pattern and instructions on how to knit these beautiful tassels! I'm not sure, maybe they are crocheted...

(UPD 08/15 Thank you, Umi  and Dee !!!!

Some kind people on Ravelry have already explaned me in English how to CROCHET the pom poms from the free pattern ‘amicomo kid’s scarf’ by Gosyo that inspired me. The pattern is originally in Japanese. Would be glad to share this English recipe of their crochet pom poms! Please feel free to ask.)

I took three dpns, tried several times, and came up finaly with perfect size of the knitted pom-poms, which were lacking to my pink scarf. I made several pics in process to add to the pattern. You can find them below.

Such funny pom-poms can enhance a baby hat, scarf, or even blanket, in case you have enough time and persistence. They will work great especially if the pattern seems too simple and needs something to add. They would become a real embellishment in case the design contains any details in garter stitch. Try, it's easy!

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Onesie Wash Cloth

For me it was one evening project! I was never addicted to wash cloth knitting, so I didn't know it is such a fun. I want to share my chart of a baby suit, which I consider a good symbol for baby theme.

Many days ago I have drawn up and used my own onesie chart for cross-stitch embroidery. This is the time to turn it into the knitting chart. Enjoy!

The chart and the PATTERNCollapse )

Stay-On Baby Booties

This is just a good recipe containing a photo tutorial. These booties will not fall away from your baby’s feet. Each is knitted bottom up as one piece without yarn cut.

Two types of matching bumpers are available. Rib 2x2 or garter stitch bumber.

If supplied with a ribbon or an I-cord tie the booties will perfectly fit baby foot and will stay on in any case.



Lemon Pie Cardi

I have recently completed the short sleeved cardigan for Valerie on popular pattern by DROPS Design.
It is just a perfect pattern. And it was a pleasure to knit.
I stitched on five nice vintage buttons from my Granny’s closet. The buttons are really wonderful. They match the color exactly and contain a funny cock image. The moment she saw them she tried to tear them away!


Light Pink Girly Scarf

I spent just one skein of each color for the set. The scarf is matching the Hermes inspired baby beanie which I made in June.
Now we have the hat and the scarf and just have to wait for a cool weather for taking pictures.


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Tank Top for your toddler

OMG how fast they grow. My baby girl already can speak, and answer some simple questions, and even sing a song...

This summer I wanted to make a tank top for her in turquoise. In my mind this recalls to Mediterranean Sea and Italy and sunny sky.

I called this project San Marino on Ravelry.

Love how it turned out and the entire outfit with this white skirt with nice dragonfly print.

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One More Elisa Headband

Everybody in my familly likes how my flower headwrap turned out. Granny told me to make one for my younger sister. Frankly she asked why I didn't gave her bright orange headwrap. And this makes me knit another one for sis. Still inspired by Elisa McLaughlin’s Flower Headband. Still hyper-colored! I made long ties instead of a beautiful button closure.
This time I didn’t sew on the crocheted flower, I just fixed each bottom petal with a slip stitch during crochet. If anyone would like to make similar peony flower, I made several pics in process. Enjoy.

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ELISA Headband

The yarn was a leftover from my recent project Cousin Charlie’s Sweater
It is so bright that I had to get rid of it ))))))))))

The headband is inspired by Elisa McLaughlin’s Flower Headband. But I decided to make longer ties instead of a beautiful button closure. The reason is to avoid any disappointments in the future… Since I used cheap acrylic yarn my headwrap will definitely stretch after being washed.

I started to crochet few months ago. And I guess the flowers are best exercise to cheer the beginners.

Christening Bonnet

  This christening bonnet is knitted with crochet yarn using a simple but beautiful textured stitch pattern. Compliments knitted sleeveless bolero (free pattern available since June).
Other details: shell crochet border, threaded silk ribbon, and nice fabric flowers for embellishment, about 5-6 hours to complete the item.

Sizes available Newborn, 3-6, 6-9, 9-12 months.

The pattern is available via Ravelry.
I wonder the tests are perfect way to understand how other people see what I wrote. I appreciate very much the kind support and ideas and all the help I got from the sweet ladies who tesed this pattern for me! Thank you very much, Cindel, Petra, Katherine, Alison, and Julia!

Since Star Stitch knitting pattern can be found on youtube in reverse only, I decided to upload my own video. Hope it helps to get how to knit 3 sts from 3 sts, which generates the main stitch pattern. I do it through the back loop, because it's easier this way in this pattern.


Sleeveless Bolero For Special Occasion

50% Cotton, 50% Rayon. I never thought I would use such thing to knit for a kid. But I do like how it turns out! It was surprisingly quick knit. This yarn has a wonderful shimmer and it’s really good to knit something to wear for party. The color of the button is pearl-like in order to match the christening gown embellishment. The yarn is fingering 4 ply and used mostly for crochet. Being knitted with a simple textured stitch (almost similar to Daisy stitch I suppose) it surprizingly looks like vintage lace. I love the idea of this item and I would like to share it with other crafty Moms. :o)

Sleeveless Christening Bolero Pattern...Collapse )

Baby Girl Christening Kerchief

To avoid  long explanations I just post the template and few pics of how to sew the stay-on-a-baby kerchief.

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Christening Gown

I can not say that it was redesigned, but I spent some time for rework.

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O Galop! Inspired Baby Hat

O Galop! Hermes baby hat is very cute. I like this tender pink & peach combo very much and I love knitting hats. So the hat has turned out well and rather fast. The yarn is very soft and keeps the shape good.
I spent just half from each of two skeins. So the scarf is coming soon!


For instructions follow ...
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Cabled Baby Bonnet

When you have a little one you try to protect the baby in any way. And you think about it whenever you are  buying clothes made from organic cotton and avoid chemicals in colors. And you always choose the best  fabric and yarn  for your needlework. The tiny head  with those soft ears. It's incredible. Can't wait to knit another seamless hat or sew a next soft cambric bonnet.

I made my bonnet in two sizes: newborn (yellow) and 3 months (white and lilac). Both are knitted with the same wonderful 4 ply fing cotton yarn (Alpina Anabel) but using different size needles. I am a tight knitter, so it was really easy to scale.

The pattern is now available as a free Ravelry download. Seems to be more print-friendly this way. Happy knitting!

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Cousin Charlie's Sweater

This is not a baby project at all. It's a gift to my Auntie's new baby - Charlotte, the Yorkshire.

Well, actually, my Auntie has a grown up child  who is living miles away in Chicago. And this piece of happiness has become a new one.

I have chosen a popular design from Ravelry and I spent just two days for the project. I added the texture with bobbles and "butterflies". And this is what I got to give to the cousin.


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